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The Tiles jersey top not only provides warmth and comfort for your pet but also adds a touch of Japanese style with its unique tile-inspired design. The sleeves feature intricate mosaic-like patterns that reflect the traditional art form, giving your pet's outfit a touch of sophistication.

Crafted from high-quality fabric, the Tiles top is soft and stretchy, ensuring a comfortable fit for your furry friend. The mini-checked pattern pocket in the back adds an element of surprise and functionality, perfect for storing treats or toys during walks.

- Turtle Neck

- Mid-Sleeves

- Hidden Pocket Design




10% SILK






XS / S / M / L / LL / XL

Alpha [ Abyssinian ]

Wearing S size

Neck : 24 cm

Chest : 32 cm

Length : 38 cm


Libi [ Dachshund ]

Wearing M size

Neck : 30 cm

Chest : 45 cm

Length : 50 cm


Honey [ Mongrel ]

Wearing XL size

Neck : 42 cm

Chest : 64 cm

Length : 60 cm


Wasabi [ Mongrel ]

Wearing LL size

Neck : 43 cm

Chest : 63 cm

Length : 53 cm




Tile-Inspired Top

The Tiles pet top features a unique tile-inspired design that ranges from simple square tiles to complex mosaics. This stylish and trendy fabric will add a touch of Japanese style to your pet's look.

Surprise Treats

The Tiles pet top also includes a mini hidden checked pattern pocket on the back where you can store a little treat for your furry friend. Surprising your pet with a treat has never been easier!

Care Instructions

Please follow the care instructions for "Tiles" below.

Dry Clean Only: We recommend dry cleaning only.

This will prevent any shrinkage or damage to the fabric and keep the petwear looking its best.

Iron Low if Needed: If you need to iron the petwear, do so on a low heat setting.

This will help maintain the integrity of the fabric and keep the petwear looking crisp and clean.

Do Not Machine Wash: Avoid washing the petwear in a washing machine.

This can cause shrinkage and damage to the fabric and its detailing.

Do Not Tumble Dry: Allow the top to air dry naturally.

Tumble drying can shrink the fabric and cause damage to the its' shape.

Do Not Bleach: to avoid using bleach.

Bleaching can potentially damage the fabric and its color.

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Once we receive your order confirmation, it will be shipped within 1-2 business days.

You will receive a tracking number via email to keep track of the shipment.

For detailed information, please visit our Shipping policy page HERE.

Returns & Exchanges

If you are not satisfied with your order, we offer returns and exchanges within 7 days of order arrival as long as they comply with our Return & Exchange policy HERE.

Simply contact us at with your order information to initiate the process. For more information, and we will take it from there.


To ensure the best fit, please refer to the size chart for the product you have selected as each item may have different size recommendations.

If you have any questions or concerns with the size, feel free to reach out to us via the contact us page.

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