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Fun Exercises to Do at Home with Your Pet

Just like people, pets need to get regular physical activity to stay healthy and happy. Exercise helps them get rid of extra calories, build muscle, and keep their bodies and minds busy. But it can be hard to give your pet enough time to run around and play outside. As such, there are lots of fun and easy exercises that you and your furry friend can do at home together. Here are a few good places to start:

Indoor fetch

Even if you can't go outside, you can still play fetch. Use toys that are soft and light so you don't break anything in your house. Start by throwing the toy back and forth in a room with a lot of space. Throw it up and down stairs or behind furniture to make it more difficult.

Hide and seek

You and your pet can both have fun playing "hide and seek." First, hide a treat or toy somewhere in a room and let your pet find it. You could also hide and then let your pet find you. This game is a great way to keep your pet's mind and senses in good shape.


Playing tug of war with your pet is a great way to make them stronger and satisfy their natural instincts. Play with your pet for a few minutes at a time using a strong rope toy. Just make sure not to play too rough, because that can cause injuries.

Obstacle courses

Use things like chairs, boxes, and blankets from around the house to make a fun obstacle course. Help your pet jump, crawl, and weave through the obstacles. This is a great way to teach your pet to be quick and solve problems.


Turn on some upbeat music and dance with your pet around the room. You can also teach your pet some easy dance moves, like spinning or jumping. Dancing with your pet is a great way to get their heart rate up and make them feel closer to you at the same time.

Chase the laser pointer

Laser pointers are fun for cats to chase, and it's a good way to keep them moving. Shine the laser pointer on the floor, walls, or ceiling and watch your cat chase it around. Just don't shine the laser into your pet's eyes, as this can hurt them.

DIY agility equipment

To set up an agility course for your pet, you don't need any fancy gear. Make your own DIY course with things you already have at home, like hula hoops, broomsticks, and cardboard boxes. This is a great way to keep your pet active and interested, and you can change the course to fit your pet's abilities.

chasing bubbles

Dogs love to chase bubbles, and it's a fun way to get them moving. Watch your dog chase the bubbles around the room as you blow them. Just make sure to use bubbles that are safe for pets and not to blow them right in their face

There are many fun and easy things you can do at home with your pet to keep it busy and active. Try some of these activities with your pet to see which one he or she likes best. You can help your pet stay healthy and happy with a little creativity and work.

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